My Sewing Goals for 2020

    Happy New Year!


    I’ve had a change of heart about New Year’s resolutions?


    It’s the best way to help me reach my sewing goals for 2020.


    I used to didn’t like making plans for a whole year because I find I wasn’t good at keeping them. Weight loss goals gone down the drain. That new skill I was itching to learn was forgotten, or whatever the case was, I would get discouraged when I’d fall off the horse. So, to be careful not to be discouraged again, I would refrain from new year’s resolutions.


    Lately however, I have learned to appreciate making goals for the year and staying on top of things that will bring the goal into fruition.


    So that brings me to creating some sewing goals for 2020. I can see how having a goal can keep me on track with sewing. They are as follows:


    Update my basic clothing construction skills.

    It’s been a while since I’ve been in fashion design school. I haven’t used those skills in over 20 years! I can be pretty sure that there has been new techniques and tools that have come along to make the sewing process easier and more efficient. I want to update those skills so I can stay fresh and with the times.


    Acquire fitting skills.

    While in school I did not get the opportunity to learn how to fit clothing to my body. We had a size 8 dress form that we made clothes for so the calculations were already given to us beforehand. Another sewing goal of mine is to be able to take a pattern piece and make adjustments for my body.


    Be a more prolific sewist.

    I wish I could just blink my eyes like a genie and have all these wonderful handmade garments in my closet right now, every garment I’ve ever wanted to make that fit me like a glove and are all perfect 10’s! But what fun would that be? It would also defeat the purpose of my sewing journey and this blog. That’s why I’ve made a goal to sew 2 garments a month to start.


    Build my handmade wardrobe.

    Have you ever been out to the mall or at a boutique and browsed the clothes only to think about how you would change a garment or add your own flavor to it? I do that all the time. My goal is to be able to make clothes for myself that look as good, if not better, than what I see in the stores.


    What sewing goals have you made for 2020? I’m very excited to know so please leave a comment below!